Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hardwood Floors Can Be Saved if Acted Upon Quickly

If your home encounters water damage, time is a factor. The sooner the water is removed, the better off the property will be. SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway brings in commercial grade water extractors as well as industrial grade dehumidifiers when hardwood floors are involved. Don't hesitate to call the certified professionals at SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway.

Water Coming in Through the Ceiling

A ranch house in Austin encountered water damage due to a leaky roof that cause water to come through the ceiling and into a dining room.  Both the roof, ceiling, and wood flooring was affected. The professionals at SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway were called and arrived to assess the damage. Commercial grade water extractors were brought in right away to powerfully extract the water from the natural hardwood floors.  

Water Extractors

When water damage occurs on wood floors, it's important to act quickly.  To prevent the wood floors from buckling, commercial grade water extractors were brought in to pull the water out of the wood. 

Dishwasher Leak Causes Water Damage

Be sure to check your water lines in your kitchen as they can cause water damage to your kitchen cabinets and floors.  A dishwasher leak caused water damage to this kitchen floor and surrounding area. 

Water Damage comes through ceiling in family room

In a home in Austin, water damage caused the family room ceiling to cave in leaving damage everywhere. Don't hesitate - call us at SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway today.

Master Bath Leak leads to Kitchen Ceiling Cave in

In an Austin home, a master bathroom leak lead to a kitchen ceiling cave in.  SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway dried out the areas upstairs and downstairs. Don't hesitate - call SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway today.