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Tips on How to Recover Quickly After Fire Damage Restoration

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO advises homeowners on how to pick up the pieces after their home has experienced fire damage, including enlisting professional help.  

SERVPRO works for residents of Lakeway, TX, and the surrounding area to provide first-rate restoration services after damage from any of the elements. The company’s technicians perform everything from mold removal to restoration of belongings. Fire damage can be especially heartbreaking given the speed at which fire spreads and consumes a home. SERVPRO understands that the burden of recovering after such an event can be hard and seemingly endless and is dedicated to making the process as smooth and timely as possible. The company will get your home looking good as new again and will work with your insurance company to obtain coverage for as much as possible. The experts know just how to handle a burned home safely and work hard to fix all that’s been broken.

Some Tips on Quickly Bouncing Back from Fire Damage with Help from the Pros

  1. Contact Your Insurance Right Away 

The first step to take after a home has been damaged by fire is to contact the insurance company to see what they’ll cover. A burned home is only safe to enter once the fire department deems it so, but then the damage should be documented. Insurance companies provide resources to those affected by fire and can help with finding temporary lodging while a home is repaired or rebuilt. This is where fire restoration companies like SERVPRO can be extremely helpful. These companies can work with insurance appraisers to document the full extent of the damage and help those affected get the most out of their coverage.

  1. Replace Any Lost or Damaged Valuables and Documents

While the most obvious victims of fire damage are floors and walls of a home, if the fire gets to any drawers or file cabinets, many important items can go up in smoke. It’s important to work quickly to replace these items, such as:

  •     Passports
  •     Driver’s licenses
  •     Birth certificates
  •     Insurance information
  •     Credit cards
  •     Wills 

These and other documents will likely be needed in the immediate aftermath of fire damage, especially insurance information, so it’s important to get them replaced as soon as possible if they get lost in a fire. For items that have only been damaged but not destroyed, SERVPRO and other companies like them can work to keep them intact and even restore them. Though it may be impossible to get everything looking exactly as it did before the fire, it’s certainly possible to get close.

  1. Take Care of Your Family

The last and most crucial tip on this list is to take care of those affected by the fire. While commercial cleaning services can help take care of home repairs, the most important aspect of recovery is safeguarding all those affected. Disaster relief organizations like the Red Cross can be life-savers when it comes to finding a place to stay and getting hold of the essentials. Friends and neighbors can also help, so reaching out to them can be extremely beneficial. All of the cleanup and insurance wrangling can wait until everyone is safe and sound. When the time comes to get to work repairing the damage, SERVPRO is ready to handle it and put everyone’s minds at ease. Belongings can be replaced; loved ones can’t.

SERVPRO is proud to offer fire restoration services throughout central Texas. If your home has been damaged by fire, don’t wait. Call SERVPRO at (512) 261-4790 or visit their website and use the contact form to schedule a visit today.

3 Causes of Commercial Building Water Damage to Look Out For

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO,  near West Lake Hills, TX, lets business owners know what to look out for when it comes to water damage in their buildings and reminds those owners to call professional water damage companies as soon as they see any of these signs.

SERVPRO is the premier choice for water damage restoration in central Texas, offering safe, efficient water cleanup and damage repair at affordable rates. The SERVPRO team understands that running a business is a complicated, demanding task and that dealing with unexpected water damage on top of everything else can be stressful. That’s why calling the professionals is the right choice: they’ll do the work for you, identifying and fixing all water damage problems while working with insurance directly. SERVPRO will take the stress out of any and every commercial water damage need.

3 Causes of Commercial Water Damage to Be Aware of Before Calling in SERVPRO

  1. Damage to Any of the Business’ Roofing

A loose tile or two may not seem like more than a minor annoyance, but it can be a sign of a bigger issue. When rain hits, a damaged roof can leak, causing significant commercial water damage. Water can leak down from upper floors, wreaking havoc on a whole building. It’s important to keep a building’s roof properly maintained to ensure that this doesn’t happen. That said if a damaged roof leads to the elements invading a business, SERVPRO’s professional technicians can help put everything back the way it was and get everyone back to the office quickly and safely.

  1. HVAC System Issues

HVAC units work hard to cool and heat multi-story office buildings, and any breakdown or even just age can cause problems. The ducts an HVAC system uses can get worn down or damaged, and when that happens, water can leak into the building, leading to the need for mold removal or worse. HVAC units should be regularly maintained and their ducts cleaned out frequently to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Of course, even with regular maintenance, the unexpected can still happen. That’s why SERVPRO is ready to assist with mold removal or any other water damage-related needs. Mold remediation companies are always here to tackle even the toughest of mold infestations and leave every building looking and smelling its best.

  1. Issues with Pipes and Sprinklers

This may sound obvious, but it can be easy to miss for those who don’t know the signs. Even if the sprinklers in a building seldom see use, it’s important to keep them maintained like any other part of the building and keep an eye out for leaks or standing water. Pipes might be more difficult, being in the walls, but wet spots on walls may be indications of old, rusted, or broken pipes. These issues should be addressed as soon as they’re noticed to minimize the damage they can cause. Northern Arizona University provides an example of the sort of guidelines that commercial cleaning services like SERVPRO follow to clean out businesses to the highest possible standard. Customers can feel secure in their choice to leave things to the experts.

SERVPRO’s team stands ready to fix any and all commercial water damage in and around West Lake Hills, TX. The team spots the signs business owners might miss, and works efficiently to restore what’s been damaged. To schedule a visit or get a consultation, call SERVPRO at (512) 261-4790 or visit the website and see what SERVPRO can do for you!

Top 4 Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes You Should Know

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Lakeway/Westlake alerts customers in central Texas to four of the most common mistakes made when restoring homes after water damage and showcases the benefits of quick and expert service from trained professionals to restore homes correctly and safely.

SERVPRO provides fast, professional service to those whose homes have been damaged by fire or water. Water damage restoration may seem like a difficult task, especially in the immediate aftermath as you sort through your sodden belongings, but restoration companies like SERVPRO are experts in getting a home back in top shape after an unfortunate water or fire incident. Though it can be tempting to try to fix what’s damaged on one’s own, it’s always best to call in those with years of experience to handle every aspect of the process with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

4 Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid by Relying on SERVPRO

  1. Waiting Too Long to Act

It can be hard to act immediately after water damage. There are many different steps to the process of water cleanup and damage repair, and it can be overwhelming. That said, the quicker the work gets done, the better. Left unchecked, even for a short time, water can cause additional problems, leading to even more necessary work like mold removal. A home that’s been damaged by water should be tended to by professionals like SERVPRO as soon as possible.

  1. Failing to See or Recognize Hidden Dangers

Not all water damage is obvious to the naked eye: what can be seen is not always the full extent of the damage. Pipes can be broken, devices can electrify the water, and other hidden dangers may be lurking underneath what is obvious on the surface. That’s why it’s so important to rely on water restoration and mold remediation companies to handle the repairs. Only trained professionals know to look for all of the extra hazards that come with water damage; they’ll make sure everything is done safely and with the proper equipment.

  1. Improperly Handling Damaged Belongings

When water damage occurs and emergency water restoration is needed, many focus first on reclaiming their belongings. However, leaking water, especially water that has been left standing, can be full of bacteria, so those who handle possessions that were in that water are at risk of getting sick. This is precisely why many companies like SERVPRO of Lakeway/Westlake are trained to handle mold removal. These companies have the right safety equipment to clean and disinfect damaged belongings so they’re safe to handle. It’s important to take the right precautions when dealing with water damage, and that means calling in the right people.

  1. Documenting Only Some of the Damage

Remember that with hidden dangers, only what’s seen is reported. Insurance companies will only cover reported damage, so anything that goes unreported will likely be an out-of-pocket expense. This is where hiring a restoration company is crucial. SERVPRO technicians will provide a complete list of all damage, thus helping ensure that insurance covers as much as it is able.

SERVPRO of Lakeway/Westlake provides top-notch restoration services to Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas and cities. Well-trained, knowledgeable technicians know the ins and out of water damage and know best how to identify and repair that damage safely. If your home has been damaged by water or fire, give SERVPRO a call at (512) 261-4790 or visit their website and use their contact form to schedule a visit today!

Why SERVPRO: Fast and Effective Emergency Property Damage Restoration

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO offer residential and commercial property owners in Austin and West Lake Hills, TX, areas reliable, affordable emergency restoration services with a professional edge. 

No matter how prepared a property owner is, emergencies can still happen. When disasters strike, dependable, affordable emergency restoration services are there to help. SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake is home to a team of experienced restoration experts offering 24/7 emergency property damage restoration in Austin, West Lake Hills, and surrounding areas. 

Services provided through SERVPRO include damage cleanup, fire and water damage restoration services, professional mold remediation and prevention, and more. SERVPRO offers a high standard of service for every client, no matter the damage.

Why SERVPRO: Fast and Effective Emergency Property Damage Restoration

#1: SERVPRO Technicians Have Extensive Training

SERVPRO technicians strive to achieve total restoration for clients, promoting a standard of customer service that is unmatched in the restoration industry. This level of expert service is achieved through extensive onboarding training, opt-in employee training, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training and certification, ongoing continuing education courses, and more. These certifications help SERVPRO technicians rise above their competitors.

#2: Response Times Matter 

When emergencies strike, response times are critical for stopping and reversing property damage caused by fire, water, or mold. The longer these issues remain unresolved, the greater risk they pose to property, safety, and health. 

SERVPRO services are quick and efficient, with technicians arriving to assess damages and discuss quotes quickly anywhere in the Greater Austin area. Restoration plans will be established that meet safety and prevention timetables regarding water damage, smoke cleanup, and more.

#3: Affordable Pricing

Emergencies are unexpected and devastating, which means price matters when it comes to property damage restoration services. SERVPRO works with clients to find restoration solutions that are both effective and affordable, with upfront explanations and no hidden costs.

#4: 24/7 Service Availability

When emergencies strike, property owners often need help fast. SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7 to provide assessments, quotes, and select restoration services when property owners need them, regardless of time. Property owners can choose to contact SERVPRO experts via their convenient web form or by calling 512-261-4790.

#5: Dependable, Trustworthy Service

SERVPRO is an established name in the Austin and West Lake Hills communities, providing dependable property damage restoration services. Due to the high standards of training, certification, and ongoing education that all SERVPRO technicians participate in, every service offered through SERVPRO is safe, effective, and predictable. Property owners can depend on SERVPRO technicians to reduce the stress and chaos of emergency damage with professional, reasonably priced restoration services.

#6: Comprehensive Services

Due to their dedication to restoration and extensive training, SERVPRO technicians can provide comprehensive restoration services for every client. Water restoration companies, fire restoration companies, and mold remediation companies each may specialize in one service, but SERVPRO technicians specialize in them all. Property damage restoration services provided through SERVPRO include: 

  •       Water cleanup
  •       Residential water damage restoration
  •       Commercial water damage removal
  •       Commercial cleaning service for damage or smoke
  •       Mold removal
  •       And more

 Emergency water restoration and smoke and mold remediation services are also available by calling SERVPRO any time, day or night.

Reach out to SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake today for more information on comprehensive professional property restoration services in Austin, TX. Services and questions can be directed to SERVPRO staff at 512-261-4790.

5 Storm Damage Situations Property Owners Frequently Experience

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake explain common storm damage scenarios and the solutions residents need to recover smoothly from storm damage scenarios.

Storms are a regular part of life in Texas. For property owners, storms can spell unexpected trouble in the form of floods, physical property damage, mold, expensive repairs, and more. 

SERVPRO is an experienced team of thoroughly trained restoration technicians providing comprehensive property damage restoration services, including water damage restoration, fire and smoke remediation, and mold removal in the Westlake and Austin areas. 

Their experienced technicians shared five of the common types of storm damages that many property owners in Texas may face. For more information about storm damage or storm damage restoration services, reach out to SERVPRO today.

5 Common Storm Damage Scenarios to Look Out For

#1: Lightning and thunderstorm damage 

Thunderstorms in Texas produce their fair share of dangerous conditions, including heavy rains, lightning, and more. When lightning strikes trees, homes, businesses, powerlines, or other common structures, the damage can be anywhere from minimal to disastrous. 

Lightning strikes can cause fires, falling limbs/trees, electrical hazards, and other severe issues. Storm and fire restoration companies can help repair fire, smoke, and other damages caused by lightning strikes.

#2: Hail damage 

Big storms mean significant dangers. Hail is a type of dangerous precipitation caused by rapidly freezing water, and odds are most people have experienced it in some form. The size of hail ranges from pea-sized to grapefruit, but even smaller hail can cause considerable damage. 

Broken windows, dented rooftops, bent vents, damaged siding, and other issues are typical in areas that experience frequent hailstorms. Storm damage restoration companies like SERVPRO work to restore and remediate damages caused by hail and help property owners take preventative measures when possible. 

#3: Storm-related flood damage 

Heavy storms often produce significant rainfall that can cause flooding in rivers, lakes, and ponds. When flooding occurs, property damage can happen in many forms, including ground displacement, flooding basements, commercial properties, and homes, and more. Following flood damage, mold can set in and cause further damage, making properties unsafe for use. 

Because floods happen quickly, emergency water restoration services are available to provide fast solutions to flood damage. Water cleanup providers and water restoration companies offer various services designed to make properties safe for use again. 

These experts remove water and work with clients to establish a restoration, repair, and prevention plan. In the weeks after a flood, mold remediation companies provide mold removal and mold growth prevention to help streamline the property damage restoration process.

#4: Wind damage 

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other types of storms can produce damaging winds that threaten both life and property. When these storms happen, property owners often face a range of damages, including: 

  •       Damage from falling limbs or trees
  •       Broken windows
  •       Damaged rooftops or lost shingles
  •       Lost or damaged siding
  •       Damage to signage, stands, or other fixtures
  •       And more

#5: Winter storm damage 

While the Austin area rarely sees heavy snowfall, winter storms can still test the structural integrity of homes and businesses. Many property owners are unprepared for below-freezing temperatures, often leading to burst pipes. Storm restoration companies like SERVPRO help property owners recover from winter storm damage by restoring structures and remediating water damage, among other services. 

Contact SERVPRO for more information about storm damage and property damage restoration, including commercial water damage restoration and commercial cleaning service in Lakeway, TX. Call 512-261-4790 today.

List of Do's and Don'ts Before Your Fire Damage Restoration Company Arrives

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO provides Lakeway, West Lake Hills, and Austin, TX residents with the knowledge to take informed action before receiving fire damage restoration services.

Fire is truly a devastating force. Fires can start for many different reasons, including natural causes such as lightning and unnatural causes such as unattended campfires, electrical shortages, and more. No matter the cause, fires can cause irreversible damage to commercial properties and homes. 

SERVPRO helps home and business owners begin the recovery process by providing trustworthy, affordable fire damage restoration services in West Lake Hills, TX, and surrounding areas. SERVPRO is a comprehensive property damage recovery service offering water cleanup, mold removal, commercial cleaning services, and more.

List of Do's and Don'ts Before Your Fire Damage Restoration Company Arrives

DO: Turn off utilities 

A critical first step that property owners should take when facing fire damage is to immediately turn off all utilities, including electric, water, and gas. If possible, turn these utilities off at any main valves, breakers, or other primary structures until professionals check them for safety.

DO: Take precautions

Avoid sitting on furniture or inhabiting spaces where smoke, ash, or other particles may contaminate fabrics, surfaces, or air. Wear respirators or air filters and other appropriate safety gear when working in or handling any objects impacted by fire damage.

DO: Check your insurance policy

All residential and commercial property owners dealing with fire damage should consult their insurance policies as soon as possible. Many home and business insurance policies offer some limited coverage for fires in specific situations. 

Reach out to insurance companies for clarification about insurance policies and answers to any questions before calling any restoration professionals. Insurance companies typically select their restoration providers for any needed services and may not cover services from other contractors.

DO: Take notes, save original documents, stay organized

Following fire damage, an important task for home and business owners is to collect original documents such as deeds and property receipts. These documents will help in the restoration process and provide the necessary documentation for any insurance claims. Keep these documents handy and organized for ongoing fire restoration and insurance needs.

DON’T: Tamper with damage

While it may be tempting to clean or provide DIY fixes immediately after a fire, it’s best to wait for professional services. Spaces can be unsafe for many reasons, including: 

  •       Structural damage
  •       Smoke
  •       Toxic chemicals
  •       Hazardous objects
  •       And more 

Professional fire damage restoration services like those provided by SERVPRO help determine which spaces are unsafe and restore those spaces by rebuilding, removing smoke, cleaning vents, and more.

DON’T: Use electronics or appliances

After a fire, don’t attempt to operate any modern appliances like computers, microwaves, TVs, radios, or other technology. These objects may be affected by heat or smoke damage, and using them could cause harm to people or the appliances themselves.

DON’T: Consume food items or canned goods 

Food and canned goods that received damage from heat or smoke damage may be toxic. These products are not safe for consumption, and property owners should discard them when it is safe to do so. 

Sometimes, more than one type of damage occurs as a result of a fire. Fire restoration companies, mold remediation companies, and water restoration companies may all specialize in one service, but SERVPRO specializes in them all. 

For more information about proper fire restoration procedures and professional fire damage restoration services, reach out to the professionals at SERVPRO. Use their convenient web form or call 512-261-4790 today.

Four Ways a Damage Restoration and Cleanup Company Like SERVPRO Can Make Life Easier After a Disaster

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The disaster cleanup experts at SERVPRO offer four reasons to call a competent damage restoration team to help get life back on track after flooding, fires, or storms.

SERVPRO is a nationwide fire, water, and storm damage restoration service run by independent franchisee teams. The SERVPRO professionals assist with disaster management and cleanup across the country after floods, fires, storms, and other serious events that happen unexpectedly. Their slogan sums up SERVPRO’s unique philosophy, and the team cares about making the area look “Like it never even happened,” so that everyone can move on with normal life.

Four Great Reasons to Choose SERVPRO for Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Anyone who has seen the aftermath of a severe storm, fire, or water disaster can attest to its destructive power. These events cause widespread, city-wide damage, and experienced damage restoration companies like SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake deal with these disasters daily. Below, they explore why relying on one of the best fire and water restoration companies in the region is a great way to move forward.

#1 Time Is of the Essence For All Types of Damage Restoration

The faster the water cleanup process starts, the better. When severe weather places a home or business at risk of collapse or contamination, water will leak into places it shouldn’t and wreak havoc. Both residential and commercial water damage is detrimental to the building and its occupants, especially when mold or sewage leaks make an appearance. 

SERVPRO leads the pack in emergency water restoration and mold removal services in the area with lightning-fast responses to ensure they catch the damage on time. The team's stellar service also means that home and business owners can enjoy lower damage restoration costs and quicker recovery.

#2 Effective Damage Restoration Requires Professional Equipment

The damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO are experts in the field. They use top-notch equipment to restore homes and businesses to their original condition. The setup enables efficient work and superb attention to detail.

As one of the premier mold remediation companies available, SERVPRO uncovers all hidden areas of damage and quickly attends to the infestation. No commercial cleaning service can match this meticulousness, especially without the right tools and technology.

#3 Reputable Insurance Companies Fully Support Damage Restoration

A natural disaster brings a lot of stress with it, and negotiating with an insurance company is not high on the priority list for most of SERVPRO’s damage restoration clients. Part of the reason local homeowners and businesses trust SERVPRO’s expertise is that we work directly with the insurance company after a flood, storm, or fire.

As one of the most experienced water and fire restoration companies in town, SERVPRO is happy to advise clients on the best ways to file successful insurance claims. Our clients can enjoy peace of mind as we set to work to restore their homes and businesses, regardless of their insurance provider.

#4 Damage Restoration Professionals Mitigate Health Hazards

Severe storms and other emergencies carry a surprising number of health effects beyond the immediate risk to life and limb. Short-term and long-term risks abound, including:

  • Soot and chemicals from fire damage that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Widespread mold growth after a flood or rainstorm that causes health effects.

SERVPRO removes these visible traces of fire, wind, and water, but they also focus on finding and eradicating all the invisible risks too. Even after the worst disaster, a home or business can be safe again with damage restoration services from these seasoned professionals.

Contact SERVPRO of Lakeway / Westlake at (512) 261-4790 today for comprehensive storm and water damage restoration in Bee Cave, TX, and the surrounding communities

Three Things To Do Before The Professional Water Damage Restoration Specialists Arrive on the Scene

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The professional team from SERVPRO discusses three important tasks to help home and business owners prepare for the water damage restoration process.

SERVPRO is a nationwide fire and water damage restoration company with plenty to offer residential and commercial property owners in the wake of a disaster. The trusted company provides unmatched damage restoration services and water cleanup for the health and safety of the local community. SERVPRO is also certified with the IICRC and fully trained in mold removal and remediation.

Three Things To Do Before SERVPRO’s Water Damage Restoration Team Arrives

A flood or severe storm wreaks untold damage on a home or business, and both residential and commercial water damage can be severe. Emergency water restoration companies like SERVPRO handle these catastrophes daily, helping victims win back their living and working spaces and clean up the mess. The team works quickly and efficiently, especially with water damage restoration efforts. 

Homeowners and businesses can relax when SERVPRO’s water damage restoration team is on the way, but there are three essential tasks to do first:

#1 Turn Off the Water

Even if the water damage starts with a flood or storm, it is still a good idea to turn off the water source to the property at the main switch. There might be unseen damage or strain on the system, so rather be cautious and give the pipes and outlets time to settle down. If the water originates from a burst pipe, sump pump, well, or another leak, turning off the inlet to the property will also prevent further issues. 

If the flooding does not originate from within the home, turning off the water at the main water valve can still prevent further water damage in the ensuing cleanup operation.

#2 Remove Any Important Belongings

Before attempting to rescue possessions, all homeowners and businesses should carefully evaluate the water level within the building. Has it risen above any electrical outlets? If so, it is not safe for anyone to enter the water or even step into wet areas without professional training and equipment; no object is more important than a life. 

If the building has a safe, dry area and safe access is still possible, move any important or valuable belongings away from the flooded area. It gives the SERVPRO water damage restoration experts more room to work and increases the chances that we can save the item from further damage and mold growth. Fabrics, furniture, and other drenched possessions typically sustain severe damage, but fast removal is sometimes enough to mitigate the deterioration.

#3 Ventilate the Area

One of the most dangerous aftereffects of a flood is unseen mold growth. Even fire restoration companies have to deal with the threat of mold after a fire, and it is imperative that this destructive element does not find the right conditions to thrive. An adequate flow of fresh air is the enemy of mold growth, which likes dark, damp spaces.

Homeowners and businesses can decrease the likelihood of unwanted organic growth by ventilating the area well and keeping windows and doors open. Avoiding the need for mold remediation companies later also means exposing any hidden pockets of moisture in porous or fibrous materials. After flooding, it is better to proactively remove any “soggy” belongings or furnishings when it is safe to do so. 

A standard commercial cleaning service cannot match SERVPRO’s fast, efficient results. When homes and businesses in Austin, TX work with us, it is “Like it never even happened.” Contact the Lakeway / Westlake SERVPRO water damage restoration team today at (512) 261-4790 for water damage restoration and other emergency cleanup services.

How to Pick the Best Commercial Restoration Team for Fire or Water Damage

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Picking the best commercial restoration company to handle water or fire damage can be tricky. The experts at SERVPRO have seven proven tips for business owners looking to find the right team for property restoration in Austin.

Fire and water damage—which often go hand-in-hand—can do a devastating amount of damage very quickly. Unfortunately, delayed action or improper restoration techniques can lead to even more costly repairs. Working with an experienced fire and water restoration company is crucial to minimizing both the risk of further damage and costs.

However, with hundreds of water and fire restoration companies in the Austin area, it can be challenging to find the right option. The experts at SERVPRO are here to offer proven tips to choose the best commercial damage restoration team for water or fire damage.

How to Pick the Best Commercial Restoration Team for Fire or Water Damage at Your Business

1.24/7 Availability

Fixing water or fire damage as soon as possible minimizes the risk of long-term property damage. For instance, quick water cleanup can prevent mold growth, eliminating the need to worry about the extra cost of mold removal services. That’s why it’s best to look for fire or water restoration companies that offer 24/7 services.

2.Response Time

24/7 availability is a solid place to start, but the company should also offer fast response times 24/7. Generally, that means looking for an emergency water restoration company. These providers have the training and equipment to arrive fast and get the job done fast.

3.Choose Local Contractors

Choosing a local contractor for commercial water damage or fire damage restoration has several benefits. For example, a local contractor will usually arrive faster to provide fire or water cleanup services. A local contractor will also be familiar with the local laws and permitting that govern commercial restoration projects here in Austin.

4.Licensed and Insured Company

It’s best to only work with licensed water and fire restoration companies. A license shows that a company has received proper training, proved its competence, and adheres to the industry standards and best practices.

Likewise, only hire an insured commercial restoration company. Working with an insured contractor prevents the risk of having to pay for any damage or injury that occurs during the property restoration process.


Having industry certifications alongside the necessary licenses proves that a restoration company is willing to go the extra mile to provide customers with the best services. As certifications require yearly renewals, certified companies also need to keep upgrading their skills and learn the latest and best solutions.

Looking for commercial restoration companies with well-known, respected certifications, such as:

AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)

ASD (Applied Structural Drying Technician)

IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

6.Equipment and Expertise

Depending on their specialty, not all restoration companies will have the equipment and expertise to handle both water and fire damage. For example, mold remediation companies may not have experience with smoke damage. As such, before hiring a company, verify that they have the equipment and expertise to provide the specific type of commercial cleaning service needed.

7.Customer Reviews

If a company has mostly positive reviews, chances are they offer quality services. However, avoid simply picking a company because they have positive reviews. Some less-than-reputable contractors generate their own fake reviews. Consider the company’s overall review profile as a whole alongside other factors, such as their certifications and licensing.

About SERVPRO of Lakeway

SERVPRO is a top provider of commercial restoration services with 1,700+ franchise locations across the US. They offer rapid response times, hold the highest certifications in the industry, and are dedicated to nothing less than exceptional customer service.

Experience their industry-leading fire, water, and mold remediation services in West Lake Hills, TX today by dialing (512) 261-4790 or emailing Alternatively, visit their office at 12600 Hill Country Boulevard, Suite R-275, Bee Cave, TX 78738, or follow them on Facebook to learn more about commercial damage restoration.

SERVPRO: Important fire safety tips for retail stores

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Blog summary: SERVPRO shares how retail stores can prevent fire damage by following certain precautions.

Fire safety tips for retail stores

Retail stores are usually at high fire risk. By creating a fire protection plan, managers and store owners can minimize fire dangers, protect their clients, and continue running a flourishing business. SERVPRO, a fire damage restoration service, shares some advice.

Identifying the common fire hazards in retail stores:

  • Electrical wiring/outlets
  • Lighting
  • Gas lines
  • HVAC/furnace systems and motors
  • Kitchen/break room cooking appliances
  • Potentially flammable products like chemicals, clothing, paper
  • Vandals
  • Lightening

5 fire safety tips

  1. Utilize a daily fire safety checklist 

Making fire prevention a part of daily routine is the first step towards fire safety. This safety checklist must be followed by employees daily and every task must be ticked off at the closing time. Here’s what this daily checklist can include:

  1. The routine must include inspections, repair, and maintenance of electrical wires, gas lines, plumbing, utility connections, and all fire-protection equipment. This ensures that these items don’t pose a fire hazard and function properly when needed.
  2. Keep flammable items such as paper, clothing, and chemicals away from electrical outlets, flames, and static electricity. 
  3. Keep the kitchen or break room with a hot plate, toaster, or cooking surface, grease-free and clear of clutter. Cooking is one of the biggest causes of commercial fires in the country. 
  4. Dispose of the trash properly - away from electrical and gas appliances that can spark a fire. Trash should not block doorways and evacuation paths during emergencies. An uncluttered space allows for more safety.
  1. Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers 

Fire safety and prevention are incomplete without well-maintained, portable fire extinguishers. It is imperative to ensure they are functional in the event of a fire. 

Some basic fire extinguisher rules and recommendations:

  1. Within 75 feet: The distance to the nearest fire extinguisher in any given direction should not exceed 75 feet.
  2. The right extinguisher: For every kind of fire, there is a specific fire extinguisher. ABC-class extinguishers put out fires caused by flammable liquids, electronic equipment, and burning paper or plastic. K-class are meant to be used in kitchens and within 30 ft. of cooking equipment.
  3. The staff must be trained on how and where to use extinguishers 
  4. Monthly inspections as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA (The National Fire Protection Association) should be conducted by trained employees to ensure the pressure gauge is on full (needle to green), the hose intact, and the pin securely in place. Annual inspections must be performed by a certified professional and reported to the appropriate organizations.
  1. Employee training

Proper employee training that is in tandem with NFPA and OSHA standards must be conducted by the business owners. All employees must be trained on fire safety protocol, evacuation procedures, and the use of fire safety equipment. Employees must know the location of all fire extinguishers and fire exits and the procedure to escort customers to safety. A mandatory annual fire safety refresher course is a must for all staff.

Assigning employees specific tasks such as shutting off gas and electrical power and evacuation helps to be more organized during a fire incident.

  1. Fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance

Regardless of the size of the store and volume of merchandise, fire sprinklers and/or fire suppression systems are the best line of defense against fire damage and loss of life. However, a sprinkler or fire suppression system that has not been maintained and is not code-compliant is useless. Unfortunately, not all retail businesses are required by law to have these systems. Businesses that do install these systems must get their quarterly and annual inspections conducted by a state-licensed technician and as mandated by the NFPA code.

  1. Fire Alarm Monitoring 

No fire safety plan is complete without fire alarm monitoring. This system cuts down on firefighter notification time and speeds up their arrival, saving merchandise, property, and lives. It also ensures that all false alarms are ruled out before alerting for help. This is especially helpful when the store is closed and there is no one to watch the store. Statistically, arsonists were responsible for setting 10,200 non-residential fires in 2018, a 15% increase over ten years. Fire alarm monitoring helps thwart such ill intentions.

Following these tips can really help prevent a fire disaster and the accompanying losses in terms of money and lives. In case of fire damage, retail store owners must reach out to a professional fire damage restoration company such as SERVPRO to restore their property to its original glory.


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  • The SERVPRO staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. They receive initial in-house training and constant skill up-gradation at the corporate training facility and also acquire the regular IICRC-industry certification.

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